Family Quiz Night!








On Friday night at St. Patrick’s there was a Family Quiz Night in the Church hall. This was to raise money for the ‘Uganda16 Schools’ Project.

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A group of Sixth Form students and a couple of teachers from Our Lady’s Catholic College in Lancaster came to lead the quiz night. They did an excellent job!







As well as the quiz there was a raffle and here are some of the prizes!







The students also helped to prepare sandwiches, cakes and a few other tasty treats!

For more information about the ‘Uganda16 School’ Project please take a look at Our Lady’s Catholic College website by clicking on the following link.

Our Ladys Catholic College Website

Good Shepherd Sunday








Today is the 4th Sunday of Easter which is often called Good Shepherd Sunday or Vocations Sunday. In our Diocese of Lancaster we have been instructed by the Vocations Team to hold a weekly Holy Hour praying specifically for an increase in Priestly Vocations around the world but particularly in this Diocese.







The Holy Hour takes place at St. Mary’s every Sunday starting at 2:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the Holy Hours whether it be for the whole hour, half an hour or even just 5 minuets. Please pray for an increase in Priestly Vocations for our Diocese of Lancaster.

Easter preperations








The flower arrangers were busy on Holy Saturday morning arranging various floral displays.







Of course it is an ancient practise to make a little bit of mess!







The Sacred Vessels which are used at Mass were given a good polishing.







The Children’s Liturgy group worked together to make the Easter Garden. The Paschal Candle can be seen in the distance.

Good Friday








Preperations for the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion at The Good Shepherd the Altar is stripped and the Tabernacle is empty.







The Roman Missal and a Corporal are placed on the Altar.







During the Solemn Liturgy of The Lord’s Passion at St. Mary’s the Congregation come forward to Venerate the Cross.







Behold the wood of the Cross, on which hung the salvation of the world.
Come let us adore!