Relic of St Oliver Plunkett at St Mary’s.

On Wednesday we celebrated the Memoria of St Oliver Plunkett, Bishop and Martyr. There is a Relic of the Saint in the Parish which was displayed on the Sanctuary for the live streamed Holy Mass.

Some information about St Oliver Plunkett.
The last Catholic to be martyred at Tyburn. Born in County Meath in Ireland. Studied for the Priesthood in Rome and remained there as a teacher until he was named Archbishop of Armagh. Returned to Ireland where he found religion in a desperate state with only one other Bishop in the Country and there hadn’t been Confirmation for many years. It is said that within months he had confirmed ten thousand people. Someone with great zeal but then on a trumped up charge, he was tried. Irish judges refused to sentence him, so he was sent to England and charged with spreading false religion. Let us continue to venerate St Oliver Plunkett and our Martyrs, remembering their witness and their strength of faith.