The Main Altar in St Mary’s

Stewards at Holy Mass:

In order to continue opening the Church doors for the public Celebration of Holy Mass, we are in need of some more volunteer stewards. On Saturday evening we need 3 stewards at St. Patrick’s. On a Sunday at St Mary’s we ideally need 4 stewards at each of the 2 masses. Throughout the week, we will need 2 stewards, all weekday Masses will be at St. Mary’s.
* Volunteers must be under 70 years old and not have any underlying health conditions, this is in adherence to the government guidelines.

What are the tasks involved?

1. Taking names, addresses and phone numbers of people attending Mass (track and trace system)

2. Directing people to their seat in Church before Mass.

3. Directing people to and from Holy Communion, ensuring everyone adheres to a social distancing rules.

4. Directing people to the exit immediately after Mass.

5. Guarding the entrance and exit of Church and should the Church building reach capacity, being prepared to not let anyone else enter the building.

If this is something that you feel able to assist with, please email or phone Canon Cooper 01524 410501.

Thank you!