Face coverings will be mandatory in Places of Worship from Saturday 8th August. All those who are attending churches must wear a face covering unless they are exempt from doing so. This is for the good of all who gather in the Church for Mass as it is an enclosed public space where there are people from differing households who they do not normally meet.

Priests in the sanctuary providing they are sufficiently distant (2m or more) from the congregationdo not need to wear a face covering except when distributing Holy Communion. Other ministers in the sanctuary should wear face coverings and remain socially distant from the celebrant.

Servers must wear face coverings whilst in the Sanctuary.

Deacons should wear face coverings apart from the proclamation of the Gospel when he should remove the face covering at the lectern and replace is before moving away from it (providing the lectern is sufficiently distant from the congregation).

Readers may remove their face coverings at the lectern to read and should replace them before stepping away from it providing the lectern is sufficiently distant from the congregation.HolyCommunionThe communicant should unloop their face covering and consume the Sacred Host and then replace the face covering before moving back to their pews in an orderly manner.

Live streaming of Holy Mass update:

The following Masses will be live streamed on a weekly basis. Sunday 8:30am, Monday 9:00am, Wednesday 10:00am and Friday 10:00am.